As consultants, they have proven to be extremely knowledgeable in both hardware and software products. They have made a number of recommendations for our office which subsequently proved to be right on the money in terms of increased productivity and efficiency. As trainers, they have an enormous capacity for patience and have honed their skills so that they can easily adapt to all levels of computer literacy and expertise within our department. In addition, they are courteous, personable and professional. And no small point, they return your phone calls!
Linda Tortell
Time Magazine Ad Sales


You have always provided excellent service. I would recommend Acacia Systems without qualification.
John Hanson
Epson America Inc.


You go out of your way to give me necessary information so that I can make an educated decision on the direction this company should take. You stand behind your products and service, and have never mislead me in order to make a bigger profit.
John W. Baker
AFTCO Mfg. Co., Inc.


On Behalf of the Port of Long Beach, the Information Management Division would like to say thank you for the two years of service you have rendered to the Graphics Department.
Douglas Albrecht
The Port of Long Beach


Neuro Care prides itself on providing good customer service. I really appreciated receiving great customer service from you. Thanks again for your help. You were a lifesaver!
Laurie Rouss
Neuro Care


Thanks for “being there” when we need you!
Glenda Marshall
$afety Pay$


I am convinced that Acacia Systems would be a valuable asset to any organization.
Alicia R. Vega

Orange County Register


Thank you for your time in discussing our computer needs. You have always been very helpful during the past several years. It is time for us to upgrade our computer system and I appreciate your input, expertise and calmness in helping me with this decision.
Mary Holland

Infant Family Services


The time you spent with me was more productive than a classroom setting. It was helpful to get answers on specific questions relative to my computer. How did you ever manage not to laugh out loud at me? Great control of a true professional!
Patti Boone


I would like to take a minute to let you know how impressed I have been with your company. Each call has been promptly returned and appointments kept as scheduled. Recommendations to Acacia Systems will be made without qualification.
Sharon Bridges


Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your support of our database. With your support and the training services you provide for our customers, you have helped raise the appreciation level for Panorama.
ProVUE Development


You did an excellent job in providing training on Panorama. Because of your thorough instructions, I am now much more productive and efficient with my database management tasks. Keep up the good work!
Alex Fong

City of Lakewood