In a world where knowledgable Mac specialists are hard to find, you've come to the right place. We are Apple Certified Technical Coordinators and members of the Apple Consultants Network who have worked with all Macs manufactured and most of the popular Mac software developed since 1985. Would you rather work with somebody who read a book and passed a test or someone who has 30 years experience woking with Macintosh computers and software?

Acacia Systems is a full service, solutions oriented consulting corporation specializing in Apple computers. We provide a full spectrum of support services such as systems-oriented needs analysis, hardware and software selection, wired and wireless network design, cabling and implementation, mail and web servers, DSL, cable or T1 integration, troubleshooting, database programming, web site creation and hosting, accounting, sales automation, contact management, assistance with hardware purchases, hardware repair, data recovery, and more.

We offer pre-sales consulting, on-site on-call service, extended service support contracts, and extended maintenance contracts. If you're in need of a solution or you just need to fix a nagging problem, give us a call. That's what we do!

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